Список изменений

Описание Дата
Scripts/Naxxramas: Fixed jump target web. Encounter Maexxna.
4 часа назад
Core/Auras: Dont save Hellscream's Warsong and Strength of Wrynn. Added
missing spell script sql
5 часов назад
Scripts/Naxxramas: Fixed summong slime. Encounter Grobbulus.
5 часов назад
Core/Spells: Fixed apply Hellscream's Warsong and Strength of Wrynn on guardians.
6 часов назад
Fix missing code
7 часов назад
Core/Scripts: implemented update aura hook
7 часов назад
Revert "Build: Create static libraries for each static script project."

This reverts commit bb46bfb8648cccf6cbdd922bba4e92166b861a49.
8 часов назад
Revert "Dep: Use the anonymous namespace free definition of `boost::none`."

This reverts commit 3da60f84000bd7ffa5a1516839b84cdee4764448.
8 часов назад
S-Core/Misc: Fix build again
8 часов назад
S-Core/Custom: Silently return on try increase bonus stats by charactet < 80 lvl. Interface should prevent it.
9 часов назад
Dep: Use the anonymous namespace free definition of `boost::none`.
* Fixes MSVC linking errors after the recent changes:

"class boost::none_t const & const boost::`anonymous namespace'
::none" (?none@?A0x518851d0@boost@@3AEBVnone_t@2@EB)
already defined in scripts_commands.lib...

* Sets the required version of boost on windows to 1.59
according to the wiki.
17 часов назад
Build: Create static libraries for each static script project.
* Add some more comments and cleanup the build script.
* Closes #18671
17 часов назад
Dep: Update efsw to version 1.0.0
17 часов назад
S-Core/Add sql for Blade Barrier spell script
17 часов назад
S-Core/DK fix Blade Barrier proc rules.
17 часов назад
Core/Auras: fix more unused parameter warnings
21 час назад
Core/Auras: fix comparison of integers of different signs warning
21 час назад
Core/Auras: fix unused parameter warning
21 час назад
Core/Auras: reworked multiplicative AuraEffects calculation

- Splitted containers for flat modifiers and pct modifiers, as they now have different handling
- Amount is now multiplied only on apply; on unapply, iterate through auras and reset the counter
- Fixes many cases of rounding error due to applying/unapplying of small factors
- Allows amounts to be zeroed (ie with an AuraEffect of amount -100)
- Do a partial revert of 6dc37a9add631888fe5fbcd43d19c2b07bed8a57, auras should update amounts only for items allowed (ie no more giving crit to a sword while having an axe in the other hand and being Poleaxe spec'd)
- SPELL_AURA_MOD_SCALE now scales additively, rather than multiplicatively (checked in sniffs)

Closes #18687
21 час назад
S-Core/Custom: Fix gossip for some custom creatures
1 день назад
DB/SAI: Fixed quest Wrangle More Aether Rays
1 день назад
Core/Spells: Fixed spell target condition for last commit
1 день назад
Scripts/HoR: implemented ai for Spiritual Reflection
1 день назад
Scripts/DK: Correction proc flags for Dancing Rune Weapon. Some cleanup.
1 день назад
Scripts/DK: Fixed calculate bonus damage for Icy Touch and Plague Strike triggered by Dancing Rune Weapon
1 день назад
S-Core/Custom: increase bonus stats should be possible only on 80 lvl
1 день назад
S-Core/DB: Fix a problem related to endless npc spawning
1 день назад
S-Core/Pets: Pet declinednames logically relates to pet, not to the player; Fixes problems related to loading dump files of players with pets that has declinedname
2017-02-26 14:15:43
S-Core/PlayerDump: Now PlayerDump system will write and load guild reputation info
2017-02-26 09:34:02
S-Core/Player: Delete character guild reputation info from DB on character delete
2017-02-26 08:50:01
S-Core/Custom: Remove WIP code
2017-02-26 03:19:12
S-Core/Custom: Remove hackly-implemented multitrainers
2017-02-26 03:16:34
Core/Misc: Fix static analysis issues
2017-02-25 16:07:22
Core/Misc: Fix static analysis issues
2017-02-25 15:15:42
Core/Misc: Fix static analysis issues
2017-02-25 14:54:11
S-Core/Game events. Set actual date for Darkmoon events.
2017-02-25 13:21:00
Core/Misc: Fix static analysis issues
2017-02-25 12:33:51
DB/Text: Fixed text emote for Madrigosa.
2017-02-25 11:41:14
DB/Texts: Fixed emotes for Brutallus.
2017-02-25 11:20:43
Update extractor.bat 2017-02-25 09:37:39
Core/Scripts: kill a warning
2017-02-25 08:17:33
Core/Scripts: Thrusting Hodir's Spear

- Everything is sniffed, enjoy this hell of a quest!

Closes #12808
2017-02-25 07:46:02
S-Core/Quests: Fix quest "A special surprise" for custom races
2017-02-25 06:59:15
Ну ёб твою мать. На синтаксис хотя бы можно было проверить?!
2017-02-24 18:37:33
DB/SAI: Fixed quest The Last Line Of Defense.
2017-02-24 12:31:23
S-Core/DB: Add some sql (already applied to live database)
2017-02-24 11:44:10
Core/Unit: Correct speed calculus when affected by SPELL_AURA_MOD_MINIMUM_SPEED (#18136)

2017-02-24 11:20:20
S-Core/PacketsIO: Update SMSG_INSPECT_TALENT; Fixes bugs related to inspect items with suffix and properties data
2017-02-24 11:11:44
DB: missing spell script.
2017-02-24 09:29:28
Scripts/AzuremystIsle: Fixed quest The Prophecy of Akida.
2017-02-24 09:05:09